AIMS Rwanda Teacher Training Program Launches Teacher Appreciation Campaign

November 18, 2021 – The African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) through the Teacher Training Program launched the National Teacher Appreciation Campaign for 2021. The campaign, formed to be an annual community engagement and outreach effort of the program, aims to foster a culture of appreciating Rwandan teachers for the extraordinary sacrifice and hard work they put in nurturing and

AIMS Rwanda celebrates World Science Day in Style

  10 November 2021- In collaboration with the French Embassy in Rwanda, the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Rwanda celebrated World Science Day for Peace and Development, kicking it off with a 2-day event that turned out to be informative, inspirational and extremely entertaining.   Every year, this day is celebrated on the backdrop of emphasizing the importance of science

STEM through a Gender  Lens

“My body is not a merely a baby factory, I too have valid dreams, ambitions and passions to pursue sciences and make an impact in the world,” replied a recent University Graduate when asked about why she’s pursuing sciences instead of pursuing marriage. Girls are often bombarded with stereotypes about how sciences aren’t for them and how to become the perfect wife and leave the scientific work to the men, which is a myth, far from

A bridge to Industry – The case of an AIMS Alumna

Africa’s youths are at the heart of the AIMS innovation and transformation ecosystem which consists of a set of academic and non-academic programs expertly tailored to provide AIMS learners with a unique postgraduate training experience on the continent.  AIMS offers a Master’s in mathematical sciences, including a Co-operative option. The Cooperative is an 18-month long and takes a work-integrated learning

Catching up with the AIMS-Ishango Data Science and A.I Fellowship Program

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), in partnership with ISHANGO recently launched the Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fellowship Program at AIMS Rwanda.     The fellowship program aims to boost the African data science graduates’ employment prospects through a fully funded, three-month fellowship, where fellows will be upskilled with technical and soft skills to prepare them for the

AIMS Rwanda receives new German Research Chair.

Qn: Tell us about yourself.  My name is Abebe Geletu. I was born and raised in the Southern part of Ethiopia.   Qn: So, how did you join AIMS?    I didn’t ever imagine that I would work at AIMS. It came by chance. I felt my place was in Africa, I had written projects for 5 years and wondered what kind of projects could be done in Africa.   While in Germany, I learned how to use

AIMS Rwanda Celebrates the World Teachers’ Day.

No matter where one might be in the world, chances are that a teacher left a positive impact on their life- someone who helped you finally grasp a challenging concept or experience a learning moment that defined your classroom experience.   In 1966, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation passed the ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the

Eradicating Errors in Rwandan Government Documents; The Impact of AIMS Alumnus

In his education journey, Aime Ishimwe Beza joined the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Rwanda from 2018-2020 for his MSc. in Mathematical Sciences, Cooperative Education Program. He observed that Rwanda generated a lot of data that needed analysing for solutions using mathematical sciences. In his quest to become a Data Scientist, he joined AIMS, following