AIMS Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training Program


The AIMS Teacher Training Program (TTP) started in Rwanda in 2018 with the goal of improving the learning outcomes in mathematics and STEM for secondary school students.

Working in 14 districts, TTP adopted a transformative approach of putting teachers at the core of the program implementation. The uniqueness of AIMS TTP lies in connecting different parameters of the ecosystem in order to drive sustainable change. This is stressed by the program pillars:

  • Training of teachers
  • Providing learning materials resources and ICT support
  • Outreach and public engagement
  • Evidence generation for policy dialogue

In line with its 4 pillars, AIMS TTP has empowered over 4000 teachers since its inception, launched 14 fully-fledged smart classrooms, awarded 42 teachers during its teacher awards, reached more than 30,000 students and members of the public, and plays a paramount role in policy dialogues aiming at improving the learning and teaching of maths and sciences.

Training of teachers and master trainers

The training of teachers and master trainers helps TTP to improve the performance of girls and boys in maths and science at the secondary level, as well as increasing the understanding of gender-sensitive teaching methods and inclusion. This is applied in achieving the AIMS TTP target of training more than 4500 in service as well as over 1500 stakeholders. The trainees include Sector Education Officers, District Education Officers, School Subject Leaders as well as Head Teachers.  The training covers topics such as teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, mastery of content, implementation of the assessment policy, gender-responsive pedagogy, ICT, monitoring and evaluation, and English proficiency, among others.

Learning materials resources and ICT support

In a bid to equip teachers with the resources and tools needed for improved delivery of Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) for maths and sciences in Rwanda, we have equipped 14 schools in the Leaders in Teaching (LIT) area with fully-fledged smart classrooms. We also intend to provide 200 science kits in support of schools which do not have science laboratories.

Public Engagement and Outreach

In the quest to increase public support for pursuing an education in maths and sciences in Rwanda, AIMS TTP has carried out different outreach activities attracting tens of thousands of people including students, parents, and others. Activities such as the maths camp, the science caravan, the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (IDWGIS), among others, are celebrated to fulfill the outreach objectives. However, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our engagement and outreach endeavors were affected. For instance, the IDWGIS was celebrated via radio, a new medium that helped us reach more than 300 schools across the country.

Evidence Generation for Policy Dialogue

In our efforts to increase interest among policymakers and the private sector on the importance of maths and science education in Rwanda, we are yet to establish strategic partnerships with the AIMS Industry Initiative. This will help us to build government and private sector partnerships for the program, organizing exchange visits between industry and schools for additional experiential learning, and to demonstrate the value of science in society. On another hand, we also actively participate in national and regional events related to teacher training and science education as well as producing evidence-based white papers from ongoing learning to inform policy briefs.