Juste Nyirimana

Juste Nyirimana is an alumnus of AIMS Rwanda Centre, class of 2018-2020.  He graduated with MSc. in Mathematical Sciences. He holds a BSc. In actuarial science from the Millikin University, Illinois, USA 2014-2017. Juste has worked as a data scientist in financial institutions including banks and a revenue collecting institution.  Currently, he is a Data

Aime Ishimwe Beza

In his education journey, Aime Ishimwe Beza joined AIMS Rwanda for the class of 2018-2020 for his MSc. in Mathematical Sciences Cooperative education trajectory. He observed that Rwanda generated a lot of data which needed analyzing for solutions using mathematical sciences. By joining AIMS, he looked forward to become a data scientist and an engineer

Islam Ahmed

Islam is an AIMS MSc. student specialising in Big Data. She has a background in Actuarial Sciences & aspires to become a great entrepreneur in Big Data, consultant in Actuarial in Africa & worldwide. She’s interested in Financial sciences, big data analytics, & machine learning. Islam has a work experience of six months as a

Gildas Habimana

Gildas Habimana is an AIMS MSc. student specializing in Big Data. Gildas has a background in Computer Engineering. He is a hardworking and self-motivated person who always works for success and is willing to learn from others. He isproficient in software design C, C++,Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJS, Framework and Python.

Gladys Muthoni Kamau

Gladys Muthoni Kamau is an alumna of the AIMS Rwanda Centre class 2019/2021 taking the AIMS MSc. in Mathematical Sciences, Mastercard Scholars programme, the Cooperative Programme. Gladys opted for the Co-op trajectory focusing on its 6-months internship track. The desire to apply theoretical knowledge practically was too alluring to her. “This motivated me because it