About NEF

About NEF

Launched in 2013, the Next Einstein Forum (NEF), an initiative of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), was born out of a recognition that there was no gathering on African soil where the very best actors had the opportunity to come together from their diverse communities of science, industry, civil society and policy, from Africa and around the world, to leverage science for global development.

The Next Einstein Forum’s mission is achieved along four major pillars. First through NEF Global Gatherings which are exciting biennial global events where the world of science and technology meet on African soil to unveil breakthroughs in science, respond to existing challenges and look to the future.

Second, through important benchmarking and roadmapping work, the NEF Policy and Foresight Institute tracks outcomes of the NEF Global Gathering Declarations, as well as championing policy initiatives such as the digital economy road mapping with focus on increasing Africa’s scientific capacity and building knowledge-based economies in Africa.

Third, the NEF is building a strong community of scientists which includes NEF Fellows, Africa’s top scientists under 42 years of age, and NEF Ambassadors. The NEF Ambassadors, local STEM champions in every country in Africa, organize Africa Science Week in their country each year.

Finally, the NEF is working to make science cool and a scientific career, a first choice. The NEF runs the Scientific African Journal, an open access and multidisciplinary journal that enables African scientists to publish their important research. Alongside the journal, the Scientific African Magazine documents science and technology developments in Africa and from Africans for the general public.