Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training Program


The AIMS Teacher Training Program (TTP) started in Rwanda in 2018 with a goal of improving  learning outcomes in mathematics and sciences for secondary  school students. 

TTP operates in 14 districts in  Rwanda and has managed to re-invent smart classrooms in these districts..

Through training workshops and high quality smart classrooms, TTP has managed to  empower over 4000 teachers since its inception and recently launched the very first Teacher Awards in Rwanda, awarding over 50 teachers.   

Global research has demonstrated the power of mathematics and science to fuel economic growth. AIMS public engagement programs spread the word about the ways maths and science can help to build a better future for all.


AIMS is committed to increasing the pipeline of students progressing into secondary and tertiary mathematics education, and to decreasing the failure or drop-out rate of mathematics students at all levels. Through new approaches, the use of technology and updated curricula, AIMS is focusing on strengthening teacher capacity and on reaching as many students as possible. AIMS Rwanda is currently designing the roll-out of its Teacher Training Program.