June 28, 2023

Workshop on Air Pollution and its Health Impacts in Africa


Atmospheric pollution is one of the major threats to both health and climate change impacts. According to the World Health Organization, about 7 million deaths associated with air pollution are reported annually. The rapid urbanisation and industrialization in African cities are driving the increased emission of harmful pollutants like particulate matter (PM2.5). However, the African continent is still one of the less monitored regions in the world. The lack of sufficient data is one of the major challenges to understanding and developing optimal strategies to reduce emissions.

The traditional reference monitoring equipment is very expensive. Many developing countries are not yet ready to invest in such an expensive solution. Recent developments in sensor technology using the Internet of things, access to satellite data, and big data analytics using state-of-the-art machine learning models provide an alternative, less expensive solution. 

This workshop will bring together researchers working at the intersection of air pollution and public health and environmental authorities in Africa to exchange experiences and learn best practices. Topics ranging from indoor and outdoor pollution monitoring, modelling, health impact assessment and awareness strategies will be explored.

  • Objectives

This workshop aims to:

  1. Identify the main air pollutants, their sources, their chemical and physical properties, their health and climate impacts,
  2. Enhance the use of low-cost sensors in monitoring and management of air pollution,
  3. Explore existing air quality models and low-cost sensor calibration methods,
  4. Raise awareness of air pollution and explore optimal strategies for reducing air pollution emissions.
  • Expected outcome

This three-day workshop expects to increase collaboration between stakeholders at the intersection of air pollution, climate change and public health. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the world’s leading experts and learn best practices from different parts of the world.  

  • Final Selection:
    5th May 2023
  • Delivery dates:
    28th to 30th June 2023
  • Delivery format:
    In-Person and Online

This workshop is organised by the Research Department of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Rwanda in partnership with the University of Massachusetts and the University of Ghana.

Lead Organisers

  • Prof Raphael Arku
  • Dr. Allison Hughes
  • Dr. Paterne Gahungu
  • Mr. Jean Remy Kubwimana

Local Organisers

  • Dr. Isambi Sailon Mbalawata
  • Mrs. Dative Tuyisenge
  • Miss Alison Karungi

All participants are to apply to express their interest in attending this workshop on or before 28th April 2023.