March 5, 2024

Apply for the AIMS prestigious Master’s in Mathematical Sciences Application


The AIMS Structured Master’s Program runs over three semesters. The requisite skills phase of the AIMS course builds a standard core set of problem-solving skills: estimation, computation, approximation, modelling, data analysis and statistics. The elective review phase allows students to apply these skills in some of the most exciting areas of science.

During the final phase of the AIMS course, students do a research project and write a scientific report under the supervision of an expert researcher on a topic of their choice. Research initiated in these projects often develops into further postgraduate research at AIMS.

Why Apply

  • Classes are taught by renowned African and international lecturers and supported by a team of resident tutors.
  • Students and teachers cohabit in a permanent living environment.
  • A highly interactive teaching environment where students are encouraged to learn together through questions and discoveries.
  • An emphasis on computing with 24-hour access to computer rooms and the internet.
  • A Pan-African student body made up of at least 30% women.
  • AIMS graduates embark on outstanding graduate programs and professional careers in Africa and around the world.
  • Full or partial scholarships will be awarded to all accepted students.

Application Instructions

Visit the link to apply for the Master’s in Mathematical Sciences.

Application Documents

Applicants must hold or expect to obtain by the date of commencement of AIMS training a 4-year university degree in mathematics or any other science/engineering discipline with a significant mathematical component.

Candidate records must demonstrate strong mathematics, leadership, and community service skills.

Application Deadline: 29 March 2024

For inquiries

For inquiries to your applications please send an email through


No registration fees are required for the candidates selected for the Master’s degree. Full scholarships covering tuition, accommodation, meals, and travel expenses are also awarded to successful applicants.

Applications are currently open.

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