August 31, 2021

Storytime with Willy Carlos: The chronicles of my internship journey


Q: Tell us about yourself

My name is Willy Carlos from Cameroon. I am a dedicated computer scientist (Mathematician) passionate about the Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Sciences. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer science and Mathematics at the University of Douala Cameroon, a Master in computer sciences from Yaounde  University Cameroon, and a Master’s Degree in Mathematical Sciences at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Rwanda. (AIMS RWANDA)  

QN: Tell us about your internship journey at AIMS?

To graduate from the Cooperative (Co-op) Education program, students had to undergo a six-month internship that involves Mathematical sciences and gain hands-on work experience in the field.   

One of the exercises to prepare us for the field was writing CVs and applications, which were very helpful because they allowed me to present my CV and letters for an internship with precision and consistency.   

I also had the chance to visit the AC group for the first time, and from our interaction, they were interested in inviting me for a presentation about one of my projects. I presented a prototype of an intelligent camera that would have allowed them to improve the payment process on the bus.    

Later on, an opportunity arose from the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA), where we had a group interview of around ten students from the AIMS Rwanda Centre. It was exciting, but I was unfortunately not selected for unknown reasons. Since we had a strong relationship with Rwanda Revenue Authority, we had the opportunity to visit one of their stations at the Rusumo border post, where I learned more about the checking process, software, and hardware that they use.  

QN: What was your reaction when RRA did not shortlist you?  

Because I am passionate about innovative technology and programming, the internship at RRA (Risk management) was somewhat not in alignment with my interests. Although I wanted to learn something new, I was not shortlisted, which did not impact me.  

QN: What was your reaction when you were offered the internship placement at CIAT?

CIAT is an international NGO that deals with sustainable natural resources, agriculture, climate change. The organization was a perfect match for my interests; I performed well in the interview and was selected for the position. It is was indeed very encouraging for me.  

QN: Tell us about your visit to the National Institute of Statistics Rwanda (NISR)?

It was an excellent opportunity for me to visit the National Institute of Statistics Rwanda (NISR). They gave me an overview of their purpose in Rwanda: to control, predict, plan all the projects, and measure the impact of the projects across different sectors.   

QN: What lessons did you acquire from the visit to Ecobank and Bank of Kigali?  

My visit to Ecobank and Bank of Kigali allowed me to see where the theoretical skills (Business Intelligent, Data Science) that I have developed could be applied practically and lead to something big. I gained a rich experience from there.   

QN: Tell us about your journey at BOSCH?

I have known the trademark BOSCH on electronic devices, and I searched more about it on the website where I discovered the panoply of products and areas that BOSCH is interested in.  

The international reputation and quality of their products confirm that this company was the best choice for starting my career. In addition to that, BOSCH is a place where your idea can lead to something big. This slogan attracted all my attention.  

Following the BOSCH meeting during NEF 2018 (Next Einstein Forum) at AIMS-RWANDA, I had the opportunity to express my passion for the  Internet Of Thing (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that I developed throughout my career. This interaction marked the beginning of my journey with BOSCH. I shared my CV and cover letter, which led to a series of interviews.   

QN: Tell us about the impact AIMS had in this process

Since I got the admission letter for AIMS-RWANDA, I believe that AIMS got involved in all opportunities throughout my stay here. However, regarding my internship at BOSCH, AIMS played an essential role in logistics facilitation and communication.  

AIMS supported me wholeheartedly throughout the Internship process, from applying for VISA, including a Visa fee, to funding my flight ticket. I want to thank God, AIMS Rwanda, and everyone who participated in whatever way to get the Internship at BOSCH.    

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