September 30, 2016

Creating a New Leadership Pool of the Talented, African Leaders

Kim Kerr, the Deputy Director of Learning and Education at Master Card Foundation visited the AIMS Rwanda Centre. In the course of her visit, Kim interacted with the AIMS Rwanda Scholars where she spoke about Master Card Foundation’s vision, mission, priorities and partnerships for Africa.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program supports young people in developing countries who are academically talented, committed to providing leadership and giving back to their communities.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars are selected based on their exceptional

  • Academic talent;
  • Potential for leadership
  • Commitment to giving back to the community.

The MasterCard Foundation (MCF) is providing a full scholarship for 16 students to take the structured Master’s program in Rwanda. After graduation, MCF Scholars will be expected to use knowledge, skills, attitudes and networks from the program to enhance the leadership and employment sectors in their countries of origin as a way of giving back to their communities. At the end of the program, MCF Scholars will also be expected to actively participate in the MasterCard Foundation Alumni Network activities.

Kim motivated the students to optimise the networking opportunities presented during and after the AIMS program. She informed students that MCFs expectation of all AIMS students is that they develop into transformational, great leaders, thinking of and bringing the kind of change that will have the greatest impact on the African continent.

“The Master Card Foundation believes in the power of individuals to bring change. Powerful connections are made when people meet, interact and learn from one another. Always use opportunities to network and build relationships that you will find useful tomorrow,” Kim said.

Students asked Kim questions about expectations of MCF Scholars, additional opportunities students could leverage for their careers and further education.Find more pictures about Kim’s visit on Flickr, click here.For more about the MasterCard Foundation, click here.

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