About AIMS Rwanda

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences is a pan-African Network of Centres of Excellence that offer quality post graduate education, research innovation and public engagement/outreach programs for the advancement of STEM in Africa’s transformation journey. AIMS brings together Africa’s most brilliant young talent in a highly interactive, culturally diverse learning environment where discovery, creativity and testing of mathematical solutions to development are the norm.

AIMS harnesses expertise and experience from the world’s top lecturers and research fellows to further improve the learning experience for students.

AIMS’ objective is to have 15 Centres of Excellence offering an extraordinary learning experience.

Through the Skills for Employment program, AIMS strengthens the role of STEM in the private sector.

AIMS Rwanda’s goals are to

  • Offer quality postgraduate training in Mathematical Sciences.
  • Promote research innovation amongst Africa’s top scientists.
  • Strengthen STEM contributions to Africa’s private sector through its Skills for Employment programs.
  • Promote Mathematics and Science in Africa through its public engagement and outreach programs.
  • Strengthen Rwandan women’s interest in STEM through the AIMS Teacher Training program and the AIMS Women in STEM program.

AIMS Rwanda opens on 27th August 2016 with the arrival of the first cohort of students. AIMS Rwanda is located in Remera, a suburb of Kigali, KN 3, Remera Sector.

About Rwanda

Located in Eastern Africa, Rwanda is a landlocked country with a population of 11.9 million. The country has made significant progress in socio-economic development following the destruction and poverty caused by the genocide in 1994. Increased access to health services, affordable quality education, establishment of infrastructure are some of the key areas in which the country has made enormous strides. Rwanda still faces development challenges being landlocked, having limited arable land with a rapidly growing outpacing development progress. The national development frameworks i.e. Vision 2020 and The Economic Development Poverty Reduction Strategy 2 seek to capitalise on creation of efficient human capital, science and information technology and a strong private sector to better position the country to meet its national development targets.

Rwanda has attained major milestones in addressing gender gaps at the macro level, however, this remains a priority area for the country in younger generations and at the decentralised level.

The establishment of AIMS Rwanda in 2016 comes at an opportune moment to enable Rwanda to leverage its most brilliant young talent for the achievement of ICT, Science and Private Sector growth targets through implementation of the AIMS development model.

AIMS Rwanda’s programs are especially designed to attract females into the STEM areas of learning, hence, AIMS through its post graduate training, public engagement, teacher training and industry programs, will contribute to Rwanda’s gender expected outcomes as defined in the country’s Girl education policy, SDG commitments, EDPRS 2 and Vision 2020.

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